New on the Women Offshore Podcast, learn about mentoring virtually.

For the past two years, we have operated a mentoring program at Women Offshore, called the Mentorship. This program virtually connects both mentors and mentees, and is designed for women anywhere in the world who have experience or currently work on the water in the maritime or offshore oil and gas industries. Cadets are especially welcome! Our application is currently open and will close Friday, July 24th. Interested in learning more? Click here! 

The platform we use is a software by a company called Mentorloop. They want you to “imagine a world where every person had access to that life-changing connection; a mentor who they could lean on, learn from, and rely on.” Mentorloop believes that this vision could make for a better world to live in, so they created a software for mentoring to be more accessible.

Mentorloop was founded by two women, Lucy Lloyd and Heidi Holmes, who came from the tech industry. They have grown their company with a team of individuals who have witnessed and experienced the impact of great mentoring and who want to make this impact available to more people through a combination of technology and mentoring best practices.

Today, hear from a Mentorloop co-founder and the CEO, Lucy Lloyd. Running strategy for leading global brands for over 10 years, Lucy has managed the development of hundreds of digital campaigns, websites, apps and SaaS products. In 2016 Lucy parlayed this experience into co-founding Mentorloop, a software platform helping organisations build a scalable mentoring culture. On this episode of the Women Offshore Podcast, Lucy shares why mentoring virtually works, what makes for a good mentoring relationship, her insight as to why it is important to mentor women, and so much more.

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