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Welcome to the Women Offshore Podcast!

The Women Offshore Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit private operating foundation, supporting the careers of female seafarers worldwide, and we have our podcast! Hosted by the founder of Women Offshore, Ally Cedeno, the Women Offshore Podcast brings you stories of working on the water and topics that affect seafarers. Start with the first episode about career advancement and job seeking on the water. Next, listen to episodes of sea stories from seafarers about what it is like to sail as a captain or be a mom with an offshore career. Women are accomplishing their career dreams on the water. Have a listen – you will be inspired!

You May Wonder, “What’s A Podcast?”

Perhaps you have never listened to a Podcast before – that’s okay! Podcasts are a form of audio broadcasts on the Internet. The name derives from the the words “iPod” and “broadcast.” iPod is in the name because before smart phones, people downloaded audio shows on iPods. Since the invention of the smart phone, podcasts are available in various smart phone apps, such as the iTunes Podcast and Google Play apps.

Keep Up With The Podcast

The Women Offshore Podcast is available in iTunes Podcast, Google Play, and most podcast apps! You can also listen to our podcast at the bottom of this page. For advanced users just looking for an RSS feed, click HERE for our RSS Feed.

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